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We provide services in many areas on security issues such as high security door, glass and strongroom, shelter etc.

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Our expertise from 1990, with our experienced and trained staff, in all our activities; We ensure your security all over the world by starting from our mission, “WE PROTECT US, WE PROTECT.”


We provide many services on security.

Doruksafe, which was established in 1990 with a professional security purpose, continued to work on steel casing and high-security doors (explosion-proof blastproof doors, bulletproof buletproof doors, radiation radiationproof doors, water-proof waterproof doors) and succeeded in having a voice in the sector.

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Why Should We Use High Security Door?

The answer to this question is very simple, because; The products we design and manufacture are a reliable shield to protect the safety of you, those who value you and your teammates. Our products can be classified into four main groups according to the size and form of the threat. These classes are Blast Proof Doors, explosive and explosion-proof products, Bullet Resistance Doors against firearm attacks, Fire Door against high temperatures, and Gas and Air tight doors against chemical attacks. Blast proof doors are generally used in military facilities and are frequently in demand in public buildings, industrial facilities, embassies and airports of high importance.

Significant experience and engineering knowledge are required for the production and installation of the blast door. Because every product is calculated according to the hazard size that the institution needed may be exposed, and it is designed and manufactured by selecting materials according to the results. Blast door doors can be manufactured with fire resistance feature if desired. Bullet resistance doors are the most important shield against firearms. In the manufacture of doors, the size of danger and customer requirements are taken into consideration, and armor is used against the ammunition that can be used in the attack. Bullet resistance doors can be manufactured in different levels of EN 1522 and UL 752. Doruksafe Fire door can be made according to iso heat curve, imo heat curve or Astm heat curve. According to EN 1634-1 in our mass production

EI120, A60 according to Imo, H60 and H120, 120 – 180 min suitable products according to Nfpa or UL10C are available. Contrary to what is known in the society, in a fire case, human deaths are caused by toxic gases that emerge more than heat, therefore our manufacturing fire rated doors are produced as leak proof against smoke and magical gases. It needs clean air to sustain a human life, perhaps the greatest weakness of the human being is this aspect. Toxic gases arising in wars, terrorism attacks or industrial facility accidents threaten human life, minimizing this risk.

The product we developed to make Doruksafe Gas and Air tight doors. These products do not allow air transfer from inside to outside, outside to inside, against a pressure of 600 P against EN 1026 standards. As you can see, our product groups are specialized against separate risks and Doruksafe, who has the knowledge and experience to combine two or more features on a kind of door, and create a new product, will continue to PROTECT US PROTECTIONS as per its mission.

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About Us

Doruksafe 1990 yılında profesyonel güvenlik maksatı ile kurulmuş sonraki yıllarda çelik kasa ve yüksek güvenlikli kapılarla (patlamaya dayanıklı blastproof kapılar, kurşun geçirmez buletproof kapılar, radyasyon radiationproof kapıları, su sızdırmaz waterproof kapılar) ilgili çalışmalarına devam etmiş ve sektöründe söz sahibi olmayı başarmıştır.


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Phone: +90 216 390 8538

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