Explosion-proof Door

Blastproof doors provide technical consultancy on the most accurate product by technical projecting and calculation by Doruksafe technical team according to the risk dimension.

Explosion-proof door on the well-proven in any environment and the world’s best manufacturer in Turkey distributorship services in the Middle East has undertaken to DORUKSAFE. In this context, we are ready to provide technical support with your understanding of our special doors with UL and ASTM certificates, which are resistant to pressures of 1 PSI – 50 PSI. Let’s not forget that the explosion-proof door sector is the result of the initial feasibility process that requires expertise and the correct production and certification of the correct product according to the pressure value that will result from the technical calculations being made without errors. People have lost their lives because of improperly made products that have been ignored for many years in our country. In parallel with the developments in recent years, now in the door business, the experts have fallen to the experts and the requirements of the facilities newly constructed or modernized by the institutions have been correctly determined and corrected.

The Fire Resistant Door is subjected to UL 10A-10B fire and seal tests during the manufacturing phase. After the passage of this stratum, the ASTM is subjected to a ballistic explosion test and the pressure value is recorded. Happy customers working with Doruksafe always guarantee themselves and their institutions by choosing the right product in line with their needs.